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Swedish residence permit

In order to do any type of business in Sweden, you need to register a company. There are different types of company that you can register. The requirements for registration, taxation rules, board composition, changes, way of making decisions, expenses, responsibilities and some other parameters are different in different types of companies. The wisest choice about what type of company you should register can be made after you prepare your business plan.

One quick way to get started with your own business is to buy an existing company. By purchasing a company, you already have a trademark, some customers, and hopefully sales from the very first day. Even if you buy an existing company, you need to be as much enthusiastic and be as well prepared as if you started a business from scratch. As this may seem like a shortcut to establish your own business, at the same time buying a business is a delicate job and includes its own risks as its benefits.

General Requirements:

After making sure that you are capable of getting a visa for Sweden (in case that you need one), the next step is to apply for a residency permit as a self-employed person. You need to provide and submit the following documents to Swedish Migration Agency:

Show that you have significant experience in your field and previous experience of running your own business.
Have documented and relevant knowledge in Swedish and/or English.
Show that you have the ultimate responsibility for the business that you are (will be) running and at the same time you own at least half of the business
Show that the business' services or goods are sold and/or produced in Sweden
Show that you have sufficient funds to support you and, if applicable, your family during the first two years (explained below)
Show reliable source documentation for your budget (including the required investment in the business plus item 6)
Show that you have established some customer contacts and/or a network in Sweden (not required for all types of businesses)
Show that your company, following a 2-year probationary period, will have its finances in balance and you have the ability to support yourself and, if applicable, your family (Business Plan)

You need to provide a Business Plan including a Financial Analysis which will be required by different organizations including Swedish Migration Agency. However, preparing a business plan is the most important and the smartest move for you to make sure that you are aware of what you are going to do. A reasonable and well-developed business plan will also keep you from being distracted or disappointed and will highly help you to save resources until breaking even.

Please be aware that the above-mentioned items and values may differ at the time of your application. We will try to keep everything updated but the best choice is to final check the list and numbers in Swedish Migration Agency’s website.

Bring your family to Sweden

In order to show your financial capability of supporting yourself (and your family if applicable), you need to provide a bank statement from either your bank account in your home country or a Swedish bank (if you already have a running account).