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Denmark Residence Permit For Medical Doctors, Nurses And Dentists

Denmark has been a popular destination for skilled workers for over decade. There was once the famous Denmark Green Card Scheme which proved to be a successful gateway for skilled professionals to come to Denmark as independent workers and eventually settle there. However, this opportunity was repealed in 2016 intending applicants then started looking towards other countries. Out of the many types of skilled workers, Medical Doctors, Nurses and Dentists still stand under the attention of Danish Immigration Authorities and hence, what does a stay for authorization involve? – and is it necessary? If you have been trained as a medical doctor, as a dentist, or as a nurse in a country other than Denmark, you can apply for a residence permit in Denmark, which makes it possible for you to learn Danish and pass the professional tests etc. necessary to obtain a Danish authorization as a doctor, dentist or nurse.

What are the conditions?

You must meet certain conditions to be granted a permit to stay in Denmark for the purpose of obtaining Danish authorization as a doctor, dentist or nurse.

Danish Medical Authority must have approved your medical or dental training. You must submit a copy of the approval along with your application for a residence permit.
you must provide documentation that you have sufficient funds to support yourself and any accompanying family members during the first half year of your stay in Denmark. You must submit the documentation along with your application. Documentation of your ability to support yourself and any accompanying family members could for example be a bank statement.


The process for this includes obtaining preliminary approvals from Danish Medical Authorities regarding recognition of your qualifications in medical field. These approval leads to formally applying for the Residence Permit. The above steps may be quite time taking.Like all the other Immigration Programs, there are also some eligibility criteria for the above Residence permit approval and these criteria must strictly be qualified through in order to successfully gain this Residence Permit. To help the interested applicants, we have gathered the main points of these criteria, as follows:


Nurses will be able to apply for a residence permit in order to obtain a Danish authorization.

Medical doctors and dentists can be granted residence for 3 years in order to study Danish language which can be extended for an additional 2 years in order to take medical exams. Nurses, however, can only be granted for 3 years in order to study Danish language and they do not need to take professional exams.


Complete MD DOCTOR

Medical Authority’s License

Minimum 12 Months supervised work experience

Clear medical and character history


Complete Nursing Degree

Nursing Authority’s License

12 Months supervised work experience

Clear medical and character history


Complete Degree in Dentistry Practice

Medical Authority’s License

12 Months supervised work experience

Clear medical and character history

Residence permits based job contract in Denmark

On July 1st, the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration released new “Positive list” for highly educated and skilled workers.

The Positive List is a list of professions experiencing a workforce shortage within Denmark. Non-EU/EEA citizens are eligible for work and residence permits if they have a job offer with a Danish employer that matches the titles included on the Positive List.

The new list, valid through December 31st, contains 41 job titles for people with higher education and 47 job titles for skilled workers.

Here are the job titles included on the list for highly educated workers:

  • Management: head of department, sales manager, general manager
  • Science and engineering: biologist, mechanical engineer, construction manager, civil engineer, environmental engineer, chemical engineer, designer, town planer, land inspector
  • Healthcare: doctor, medical consultant, hospital doctor, chief physician, anesthesia nurse, nurse, dentist, clinical dietitian, occupational therapist, radiographer, medical lab technician, dental hygienist
  • Education: adult education center teacher, primary school teacher, teacher at independent boarding schools for lower secondary school students, child care worker, social education worker, assistant pre-school teacher
  • Economics: auditor, accounting controller
  • IT: IT architect, IT engineer, IT project leader, programmer and system developer
  • Law, social science, culture: legal officer, librarian, psychologist, organist/cantor

Here are the job titles included on the list for skilled workers:

  • Science and engineering: building technician, plumbing technician, plumber, operations and production manager, mate
  • Healthcare: environmental technician
  • Business & administration: account manager, sales consultant, job and company consultant, local authority case manager, real estate agent, study administrative secretary, medical secretary, managing clerk, office assistant, office clerk, school secretary, trade assistant
  • Law, social science, culture: parish clerk, floral decorator, head chef
  • Economics: accountant assistant, bookkeeper, bookkeeping and accounting clerk
  • Personal services and care: hairdresser, social and health care assistant
  • Agriculture: landscape gardener, greenkeeper
  • Construction: bricklayer, joiner, carpenter, travelling fitter, plumber fitter
  • Machinery: bodywork metal worker, blacksmith, sheet metal worker, service technician for iron and metal, industrial technician, CNC operator, mechanic
  • Electrical: electrician, electrical contractor, mechanician
  • Food service: butcher, baker, master baker, chef